Recruiter Advice Line

We offer advice to job seekers who need immediate answers to their questions about how to navigate through the interview process. We can help you with:

⇒ Coach you on how to prepare for the interview process
⇒ Find your skill sets that you may not know you have
⇒ Teach you how to inquire about possible job opportunities
⇒ Use the correct language when speaking to potential employers
⇒ Prepare you for questions that a hiring manager could ask
⇒ Prepare you for the tough questions, like 'what is your greatest strength / what is your greatest weakness'​...
⇒ Provide examples of answers that hiring manager(s) want to hear
⇒ Discuss how to negotiate the salary and salary expectations
⇒ Learn how to appropriately dress for the interview
⇒ Learn how to exercise body language that is positive and confident
⇒ Determine what questions to ask the hiring manager(s)
⇒ How to prepare for a one on one or a panel of hiring manager(s)
⇒ Help practice for the interview process by role playing with a recruiter 
⇒ Discuss the 'thank you' note/email after your interview
⇒ Follow-up with the recruiter to prepare for the next step in the hiring process

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T & S Recruiting is a national executive search firm providing client focused and quality driven services covering many industries and disciplines.

T & S believes that excellence in executive search is always based on keen perception of our clients' business needs.  We engage our clients in constructive examination of each proposed role, clearly define the parameters and articulate the experience and competency essential for success.

Each search strategy is customized, addressing the specific needs of the assignment and incorporating best search practices.  The process is thorough and systematic.  We move quickly and maintain momentum. As the process concludes we remain in close contact to ensure successful completion of the search and that all of our clients needs have been met.

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